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1. He also posted a picture of himself looking at a racially diverse group of children.
2. 据此网站统计,排名第二的慈善明星是前迪斯尼明星后转型歌手的麦莉塞勒斯。准爸爸查宁塔图姆名列第三。
3. [pr?s'periti]
4. Winners: Mavericks
5. Singer Susan Boyle came undone -- literally, when her trousers popped open at a soccer match as she waved a Celtic fan above her head in Scotland. The "Britain
6. Dua Lipa, 'Dua Lipa'


1. The survey is based on costs of over 160 items ranging from food and clothing, to domestic help, transport and utilities.
2. There is a natural human tendency to idealize and whitewash days of yore, to cast them in the rosy glow of the mind’s eye.
3. Ask questions immediately if you don't understand something. If you're in the front row and have been making eye contact, your instructor probably already knows by the look on your face that you don't understand something. A polite raising of your hand is all you need to do to indicate you've got a question.
4. “An employee packed up her belongings and walked out without a word.”
5. 当银行打电话给哈维尔的父母,告诉他们有关收费的事情的时候,他们才知道发生了这样的事情。
6. "It is a massive jump in very little time: there were just about 30 cases when I became interior minister (in mid-2012), and 1,400 today," said Valls.


1. You turn back the passage and want to find the Page 12, and then you smile.
2. 你可能觉得大家对于列清单的爱好是从“十诫”继承而来,但安伯托·艾柯( Umberto Eco)的说法却正相反,“清单是学问的起源”,他写过一本书,《无限的清单》(The Infinity of Lists),书中在讨论自己熟悉的东西时这样说道。而且,学问希翼“让无限变得可以理解”,并且“创造秩序——不是永远如此,但通常都是这样”,所以才有了荷马在《伊利亚特》中的人名清单,以及你冰箱上贴着的,永远做不完的家务清单。“大家喜欢清单,因为大家不想死,”艾柯还说,这可能是对“清单体”(listicle)的最佳说明了。
3. manifesto
4. 比利时和乌拉圭这两个袖珍之国因为包容性最大限度地增强了自己的实力,巴西、阿根廷、西班牙和德国这四个本届杯赛的夺冠大热门肯定会对他们特别小心。他们将会是有力的提醒,告诉世界小国家通常也能一击致命,就像巴西本土的小动物蚊子和蝎子一样。
5. Around 280 million train tickets have been sold on 12306.cn since Jan 3, 2018 when tickets for the Spring Festival holiday started selling.
6. 死亡可能隐藏在评论人的十大清单这一仪式之后,也包括实体媒体的死亡:清单在手机上更容易读,就算娱乐媒体的泛滥,已经令深刻的阅读近乎不可能实现。截止到年底,纽约今年一共上映了900多部影片,很多影片都在影院内匆匆来去,由于缺乏观众而被遗忘。尽管如此,这一年里,我看了几百部影片,喜欢其中的一部分;不出所料,大制片企业和独立企业都有垃圾制作,但和往常一样,也不乏有价值的作品。下面是我在2015年最喜欢的影片,以及今年的十则杂记。


1. But retail sales growth softened to 10 per cent in October, betraying economists’ expectations it would hold steady at 10.7 per cent growth from September.
2. PC demand has been hit by competition from smartphones and tablets, along with longer lifecycles for PCs. Shipments fell in all regions around the world and have declined for five quarters in a row, according to IDC's figures.
3. 时间:2010-01-26 编辑:vicki
4. “I am so overwhelmed and elated that fur has been banned from London Fashion Week! Progress!” Faith wrote.
5. 事实证明,许多投资者站在了库克这一边。经历了动荡的2013年,苹果股价在这次股东大会后上涨了约50%,一度将苹果市值推至7000亿美金之上。
6. commission


1. 企业:技术服务企业Binary Group
2. 芝加哥大学的一个研究小组制造了一种能够向大脑传递信号的假手来解决这个问题。他们以猴子为测试对象,研究动物大脑对触摸信号的反应。当装备了可以刺激大脑的假手后,那些猴子的反应就好像他们身体接触到了物体一样。
3. Hopefully the experts come up with a better plan than one that fell flat earlier this year. The country's tourism body unveiled a 'Beautiful China' logo in February to market the country overseas, but the campaign was mocked for its contrast with the many photos of China's not-so-beautiful cities shrouded in pollution.



  • 统计局:2019年前2月商品房销售面积14102万平方米 同比下降3.6%
    品牌沙发、床垫出大问题 软体家具陷质次价高怪圈
    2020-12-30 07:08:16
  • 赢了官司、输了房产 房产纠纷实行难该如何破解?
    取消若干证明事项 大幅精简办理流程 减税降费红包更好拿了
    2021-01-03 07:08:16
  • 产能过剩折射水泥标准尴尬 兼并重组或是企业出路
    资产证券化 成了长租公寓的毒药?
    2021-01-02 07:08:16
  • 风口上的大家居 能成为万亿市场吗?
    2021-01-05 07:08:16
  • “温榆府”50套房源被全数认购  6月再送购房优惠
    北京通州二手房市场活跃度激增 上半年均价同比下降6%
    2021-01-04 07:08:16
  • 房价上调近10% 燕郊楼市能否坐稳万元关口
    长沙楼盘扎堆降价走量 开发商:卖得不好还得降
    2020-12-29 07:08:16
  • 竞争激烈 家具行业进入一个差距越发凸显时代
    2021-01-03 07:08:16
  • 卫浴市场“冰火两重天” 去库存对卫浴企业到底影响几何?
    家居企业“身体”远离 情怀留在北京
    2020-12-22 07:08:16
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    China's Internet celebrities are estimated to create a whopping 58 billion yuan ($8.7 billion) market in 2016, far surpassing the 44 billion yuan in box office sales generated last year, according to an industry report.

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    This year so far, Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid has made $526 million since its release in early February during Lunar New Year.

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    The pace of innovation has been rapid. Fitbit has released five or six distinct models since the company launched in 2008, and Samsung released three or four variants of the Galaxy Gear in a nine-month period. 索尼 SNE 0.77% , Pebble, 谷歌, and 脸书’s FB 0.25% Oculus Rift are positioned to follow.

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    The research also suggests there maybe a value in finding a job through an internship. Interns who accepted a job offer had higher salaries than those who had received an offer but refused it. Those interns who did not receive an offer had lower salaries still. The gap between these groups had increased three years after graduation.

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