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1. The emotions were far more visceral and less attractive.
2. “With 75 percent of our flights touching the Northeast, either New York or Boston, one delay in the morning can affect the entire line of flying for that airplane, ” said Jenny Dervin, a JetBlue spokeswoman. And, the Northeast is particularly affected by the kind of winter storms that delay flights.
3. “有个人在会议中途冲了出去,一句话也没留。”
4. The dip to the lowest level in five months came as some companies surveyed for the gauge noted that stricter environmental policies – intended to curb the toxic haze that descends upon much of China each winter – had restricted expansion.
5. 莱斯特大学研究人员表示,这副骸骨的DNA同理查三世一名姐妹的后代吻合,而且骸骨的脊柱弯曲,有战争留下的创伤,这都与历史记载吻合。
6. 尽管两个数字都低于预期,它们还是显示出在加大量化宽松计划力度方面,日本央行正面临艰难的抉择。目前,环比数据看起来还不错,而同比数据则不太好。


1. 总排名76位的新加坡管理大学(Singapore Management University)李光前商学院(Lee Kong Chian School of Business)是首家进入这一排行榜的新加坡商学院。今年共7家亚洲商学院上榜。李光前商学院校友在亚洲商学院中最具国际流动性。他们在流动性指标方面排名第25,比在亚洲商学院中流动性排第二的台湾国立中山大学(National Sun Yat-Sen University)高57位。
2. Those falls came despite a rise in insurance premium income of 37.3 per cent year-on-year to Rmb1.88tn, while total assets reached Rmb14.27tn, up 15.4 per cent.
3. n. 流通,循环,发行量,消息传播
4. After weeks of rumors, Phil Jackson failed to move Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose, two players who absolutely should have been traded for the long-term benefit of the franchise.
5. 我曾经看到经理们因为工作环境大都是男性所以没有雇佣一位女性。他们不会在乎那个女人有多聪明,多利害。她就是不合适。
6. 曼谷在2014-15年排行下降主要是由于近年来的政治不稳定。


1. 报告称,打造“机遇之城”的关键是技术创新和均衡发展。
2. 上周,希拉里的竞选团队负责人约翰·波德斯塔表示,希拉里很可能会挑选一名女性作为她的副总统获选人。很快有人猜测,为了吸引女性选民,她的竞选伙伴很可能是马萨诸塞州参议员伊莉莎白·华伦。她是一名非常受女性欢迎的、激进的参选者。
3. Actress in a Mini-Series or Movie: Sarah Paulson, “The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story”
4. The world's first flying bicycle flew on November 9, 1961, when Derek Pigott of the University of Southampton flew in a bicycle with an airplane-like body. It was called the Southampton University Man Powered Aircraft (sumpac). Derek furiously pedaled the air-bike to get it off the ground. It then flew 1.8 meters (about 6 ft) above the ground over a distance of 64 meters (210 ft). While the flight was short and slow, it still does not change the fact that it was the first bicycle to fly and at the same time, the first human-powered flight.
5. 52% of the world lived in extreme poverty in 1981. This number dropped down by 21% in 2010, as 721 million fewer people no longer live in absolute poverty.
6. Of course, the recovery of the job market has been, and probably will remain, incremental. Job growth needs to be much stronger to actually make a big dent in unemployment, which remains high at 7.9%, though down from 10% three years ago.[qh]


1. 下面是开发一个商业平台时需要考虑的主要元素。这些元素可以帮助任何新企业制定明智的策略:
2. Surveys indicate that a majority of women suffer or have suffered gender prejudice when looking for a job, because employers do not want to grant maternity leave. To avoid possible gender discrimination from employers as a result of their entitlement to maternity leave and increase their employment competitiveness, some female job seekers have reportedly chosen to get married and have their children before graduating from universities.
3. 他通过电梯门递出一张纸条,上面写着"有人被困在电梯内,请叫物业来帮忙。"寄希翼于有人可以捡到并来救他。
4. 单词combat 联想记忆:
5. Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing
6. 4.阿迪达斯。品牌喜爱度:35%/排名:25


1. 那么,这对2015年的油价意味着什么呢?人们对此各执己见。然而,今后12个月的油价走势将由下列五大因素(排名不分先后)决定。
2. 《新财富》预计,2025年左右,中国首富将追平美国首富的个人财富,并有实力问鼎全球首富。
3. 2. 在原来工作岗位上呆太久了



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