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1. Dachis: JetBlue started the year with some tough moments (a pilot’s panic attack gave them a rough start), but customer satisfaction and excellent social service during the busy holiday travel season carried the brand to success in 2012.
2. Author Anthony Horowitz has revealed the new book Trigger Mortis has been amended for modern readers and contains anti-smoking messages and for the first time an ‘outspoken’ gay friend.
3. 他补充说道:“我很兴奋能有机会重返中国,并享受这个国家的学问以及把NBA现场比赛的激动直接带给中国球迷。”
4. 谎言1:不是我!说谎原因:有些事情不值得大家去邀功。
6. “An employee stormed out in the middle of a meeting, without explanation.”


1. The result was a loss of playoff revenue so steep that it actually hurt the cap situation of teams trying to find room to compete with the Warriors. The Finals were supposed to be the last hope, the last chance, and there were those who foolishly kept telling you not to count out LeBron James. Well, I've covered five LeBron Finals, and I'm here to tell you: he knew. He spoke about Golden State with a tone of "What can I do? They won 73 games, I beat them, they added Kevin Durant." The Cavaliers managed to make things close with a chance to win in Game 3 before Kevin Durant's cold-blooded, series-ending dagger. In the end, the Cavaliers got their requisite single face-saving game, but the end result was ... anticlimactic.
2. 不要马上接受工作录用
3. “…brought his dog.”
4. 本周四公布的一项最新调查显示,近四成美国居民表示,最近发生的桑迪飓风等自然灾害的严重性正是世界末日即将到来的证据,就像《圣经》中预言的那样。而超过六成的受访者认为这是气候变化所致。
5. “Our population and employment is at an all-time high and growing. That puts significant pressure on rents and prices,” said Mark Willis, the executive director of the New York University Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy. “There is no reason now to think that these trends are likely to change.”
6. 上榜的15个在线MBA项目为在职高管们提供了灵活的学习选择,他们在毕业时可以获得与全日制“住读”MBA学员一样的学位。


1. Hidrate Spark 2会通过移动App跟踪你的水摄入量和记录你一天喝了多少盎司的水,还可以根据在有盎司数标识的水瓶里灌了几次水来跟踪你的饮水量。
2. 在假日期间飞行要采取特殊的策略。这也意味着人们要为重大天气延误做好准备,尤其是美国东北部和中西部的恶劣天气。
3. The number of Web users grew by 42.99 million in 2016, or 6.2 percent from the previous year, accounting for 53.2 percent of China's total population, the report said.
4. Consumer and producer prices are still either muted or in deflationary territory in China – but last month marked something of an uptick for each.
5. Yunge from the Desert is based on an online novel with the same title by Tong Hua. It is about love triangle of a girl named Yunge, a nobleman, and the emperor in the Han (206BC-220AD). Nearly premiering in the same month as Nirvana in Fire, Yunge was much outflanked by the latter. It was criticized for its poor knowledge of history. To some audiences, charming Angela Baby herself became the only appeal of the adaptation.
6. [n?t]


1. To SKN Company in Russia for exploding old Russian ammunition and creating diamonds. Now that`s recycling!
2. 2013年,勇士队曾在中国与洛杉矶湖人队打过季前赛,而森林狼队则是首次来华。
3. 如果你很卖命的工作并且给企业创造了价值,你本应该得到酬谢。如果你的老板在两年之内没有给你涨薪水,去申请吧。如果老板不同意,还考虑什么,走吧。
4. 7. 艾米-亚当斯 1350万美金
5. 英语中,男女用语的7个大不同
6. 更强的是设计企业Ideo的全球董事总经理伊恩?罗伯茨(Iain Roberts),他问了一个我一点都不感兴趣的问题:“怎样激发人们去洞察潜在机动性或多模式需求?”


1. 他参照美国脱口秀节目主持人的话说:“我一直想和Jay Leno见面,”说这话之前他自己就笑了起来。达拉斯买家俱乐部明星Jared不以为然回应道:“对不起,你又叫什么名字?但观众们似乎意识到了两人之间尴尬的气氛,一位观众开玩笑说:“认为Jared Leto妄想Grinder看着他。”
2. 当年辛普森(OJ Simpson)杀妻案的审判就说明,再也没什么能比谋杀和名人的组合更能引发公众的集体亢奋了。再加上253号班机爆炸未遂案、几十个恐怖分子、审判律师、公诉人、政客以及911遇难者家属的激动情绪,足够在你面前上演一出长得如同滔滔江水延绵不绝的连续剧。
3. 答:其实我并不怎么关心作品火不火的,就是专注于自己的作品而已。每次我关注的就是要怎样用最好地推进剧情而已。我关注的是行为和故事,不是受欢迎程度。



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