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1. 埃尔·南德斯
2. adj. 稳定的,安定的,可靠的
3. [pr?'d?ektid]
4. To ease women's concerns following the implementation of the two-child policy, the country should put in place more explicit regulations banning discrimination against women. These could include requiring companies to have a certain percentage of female employees, as well as tax cuts or other preferential measures to encourage employers to effectively implement the extended maternity leave regulation for female workers.
5. Explaining how he adjusted the novel, he said: 'I think the answer is that in the book I remain true to every one of Bond's things.
6. vt. 作 ... 姿


1. 美式快餐发源企业、《财富》美国500强企业麦当劳(McDonald's))上周四宣布,它将用200亿美金进行股票回购和派发股息,由此加入了过去18个月企业界的股票回购浪潮。
2. Will Emmanuel Macron secure a commitment from German chancellor Angela Merkel on a eurozone budget
3. 2018年特里萨梅(Theresa May)会继续担任英国首相吗
4. cred相信+it表名词,通常是抽象名词→相信
5. 每个月,梦工厂(DreamWorks)的员工都能收到价值25美金的消费券,可在位于格伦代尔和雷德伍德城园区的“梦工厂打印中心”消费。由于只收取原材料费用,该工作室能以低价向员工提供各类服务,例如在贺卡上打印照片、制作个性化日历等。
6. But what about the tens of thousands of Irish fans? They're out of control.


1. Who greets a member of any royal family, however young, with a high five?
2. Written instructions apparently issued by China’s tourism administration, shown to the FT by one Beijing travel agent, order agencies to cancel group tours to South Korea booked for after March 15 and add that companies not in compliance could be fined or have their licences revoked. The tourism administration was not immediately available for comment.
3. protection
4. Costco CEO Craig Jelinek
5. But economists generally expect the momentum of the recent past to resume and continue once storm distortions abate. The 45 economists who responded to The Wall Street Journal's latest monthly forecasting survey saw the jobless rate falling to 7.8% by next June and 7.5% by the end of 2013. Some say job growth could accelerate from its slow pace. 'I think businesses are going to have to hire,' said Bob Baur, an economist with Principal Global Investors.[qh]
6. 2.德语:增长了22.2%


1. 去年,伊斯兰国激进分子在土耳其驻摩苏尔领事馆扣押了49名土耳其人质,三个多月后才释放他们。人质中包括外交官、军人和儿童。
2. 全球缓慢的经济增长并不会很大程度的拖累美国。美国的出口额虽然可能持平甚至下降,但是这将会被由于油价下降的石油进口额抵消,所以贸易赤字并不会给美国经济造成更进一步的影响。
3. 总的来说,在选择就读EMBA的原因中,创业排在最末(10分中得5.5分)。学员的主要动机是学习管理(9.1分)、拓宽人脉(8.3分)及增加收入(8.1分)。
4. More than 80 percent of Chinese students returned to the country after completing their studies abroad, and the country has sent 544,500 students in 2016 to study abroad.
5. 10. You've just been acting weird, OK?
6. 源于:muscle(n 肌肉)


1. 1.戛纳也有软肋
2. 他说:“比如说,如果他们拖延从韩国进口的海关流程并采取对韩国商品的其他报复举措,韩国政府对此将无能为力。”
3. Frances McDormand giving an outstanding central performance as a grieving mother in this darkly comic story.



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